What interests me?

My interests

In my blog the72unite.co.uk i will share my interests. My one and only interest is to stay fit, get fitter and beat the fittest! If it seems to be a tall claim you will be surprised by how simple it actually is. With discipline, the right exercise regime and ideal diet your body can perform feats that seemed impossible even in your wildest dreams.

Why fit?

When we mean fit, we mean both mental and physical; whoever thinks that been physically fit is enough is mistaken. Only and only when you are mentally fit can you fully benefit from any exercise regime that you undertake.

But you know what, once you start exercising endorphins are released which trigger a positive attitude within you; they in fact almost act like morphine and you will end up getting addicted to exercise. Thus, physical fitness actually leads to overall wellness.

What I enjoy most?

I love eating; and no I do not feel guilty about the occasional desserts and cheese that I relish. What’s life without some good food? Remember good health is a combination of healthy eating, exercise and the occasional indulgences which give you pleasure. Fitness does not mean maintaining an hour glass figure; it means been able to move your body anyway you want and not feeling exhausted at the end of it.

Reading to stay fit

I am a voracious reader and read anything and everything, but my favorites are autobiographies. I get inspired by stories where despite all odds individuals succeed. There is no easy path for success; the path is strewn with boulders and potholes that you will have to overcome to reach your goal. I find these stories similar to fitness goals; often we give up when we gasp for breath and the pain kicks in, but have you tried to push yourself beyond that point anytime?

Keep motivating yourself and push yourself beyond your comfort zone and then getting fit is no big deal.

So folks, make up your mind to stay fit and remain fit; it is so possible!